Free Contingent Fee Patent Infringement Case Evaluation

Required Information

The Top 10 Items Needed to Evaluate Whether To Accept Your Potential Contingent Fee Patent Infringement Lawsuit

  1. The United States Patent Number(s) of the patent(s) that may be infringed.
  2. The Owner of the Patent(s), and all the supporting patent assignments.
  3. A list of each party that you believe to have infringed the patent(s).
  4. Data you have gathered to support your belief that the parties have infringed the patent(s).
  5. Data you have gathered regarding the quantity of infringing goods and products sold and the selling price.
  6. An explanation of any present or past relationship between the patent Owner, the Inventors identified on the patent, and the potentially infringing parties.
  7. Identification of all prior lawsuits involving the patent(s).
  8. Identification of all licenses granted to practice the patent; the patent licensing royalty rate; and information on all products manufactured under the license.
  9. All evidence supporting the novelty of the invention covered by the patent(s).
  10. Any additional comments you may want to make to express your commitment to patent infringement litigation, which can be a long and frustrating process.

Please Note: A contingent fee patent infringement attorney must be very selective in the cases that they choose. Therefore, you can improve the chances that we agree to represent you on a contingent fee basis by providing as much information as possible in a meticulously organized fashion. Thank you.

Submit a Case

a) First call David J. Dawsey, PE, Esq. at 614-228-6280 extension 18, and inform him of the names of the companies producing products that you believe to be infringing your patent(s). This allows our firm to run a Conflict of Interest check.

b) If no conflict is identified, then mail items 1-10 to:
Gallagher & Dawsey Co. LPA,
Attn: David J. Dawsey, PE, Esq.
533 South Fifth Street
Columbus, Ohio 43206